APrIGF 2024 will jointly convene with TWIGF 2024. 

The Taiwan Internet Governance Forum (TWIGF) is a communication and interaction platform where various stakeholders in the internet ecosystem come together to discuss public policies related to the internet. These stakeholders include government, academia, technical communities, civil society, and private sector entities. Internet governance involves the development and implementation of common principles, guidelines, rules, decision-making processes, and strategies by global stakeholders based on their respective roles. The goal is to regulate global internet development and usage. International discussions on internet governance cover a wide range of public policy issues, including technical, economic, legal, social, cultural, and developmental aspects. These discussions involve stakeholders collectively addressing topics such as internet openness, security, universal access, multiculturalism, and the protection of critical internet resources. 

The Main Theme for TWIGF 2024 is: Rethinking Internet Governance: Artificial Intelligence, Resilience, Sustainability, and Security 

The Sub Themes are: 

  1. The Development and Application of Artificial Intelligence 
  1. Resilience and Sustainability 


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