Day 3 | Aug. 23 (Fri.)

0900-1000Building Holistic Resilience to Address Emerging Ethical and Social Challenges in the Digital and AI AgeDefending against Digital Deception: Strategies for Preventing Online Scams and Identity Theft ?
1010-1110Infrastructures of repression: Cybersecurity and Human Rights in the Asia PacificInternet infrastructure resilience during disaster event – Case Study for the 0403 Taiwan Earthquake, and others
1130-1230Freedom Online Coalition Regional Dialogue – Asia-PacificEnhancing Internet and Web Standards to address DNS Tampering
1230-1330Lunch【101】 + TWIGF Session【203】
1340-1400Keynote Speech【401】
1330-1430ShhorAI: Combating Hate Speech and Fostering an Inclusive Digital Space
Contextualising Fairness: AI Governance in Asia
Fellows Presentation
1440-1540NetMundial+10, GDC, WSIS+20 – what else is happening in the world of Internet governanceStrengthening the Digital Resilience of Taiwan: with Special Reference to Undersea Cables
1540-1610Afternoon Tea
1620-1750Closing Plenary【402AB】
會議室Room 301 401
09:00-09:30 報到/ Registration
09:30-10:40 從長期培育到積極參與:台灣在全球網路治理中的實踐策略
From Long-term Cultivation to Active Participation: Taiwan’s Practical Strategies in Global Internet Governance
(財團法人台灣網路資訊中心/ TWNIC)
數位基本法: 由下而上打造數位人權與永續韌性
Digital Basic Law: Building Digital Rights and Sustainable Resilience from the Bottom Up
(民間司法改革基金會/ Judicial Reform Foundation)
10:40-10:50 休息時間/ Tea Break
10:50-12:00 個資保護權利實踐:國王的新衣?AI發展的鎧甲!
The Exercise of Data Protection Rights:Emperor’s New Clothes or the Armor of AI Development
(台灣人權促進會/ Taiwan Association for Human Rights)
How Open Source Communities Promote the Development of Resilient Networks: Open Government, Environmental Monitoring, and Media Literacy
(社團法人台灣數位外交協會/ Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association)
午餐時間/ Lunch 【4F Lobby】
短講時間/ Lightning Talk【402C】
13:30-14:40 「中介責任」-如果網路平台對內容負責,這是否會帶來更好的網路治理?
Intermediary Liability: Would Holding Internet Platforms Accountable for Content Lead to Better Internet Governance?
Digital Censoring Tools and Democracy
(Software Freedom Law Center, India)
*英文場次 / English Speaking
14:40-14:50 休息時間/ Tea Break
14:50-16:00 網際網路基礎設施之韌性
Resilience of the Internet’s network infrastructure
*英文場次 / English Speaking
Current Status and Future Prospects of Internet Safety for Children and Adolescents in Taiwan: Collaborative Efforts of Multiple Stakeholders
(網中智庫股份有限公司/ NETalent)
16:00-16:10 休息時間/ Tea Break
16:10-17:20 *(名稱待定)公平信賴下演算法治理的多重法律思維-正義哲學、公平競爭、治理轉型與課責機制
(國立成功大學人文社會科學中心&理律法律事務所/ National Cheng Kung University & Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law )
Resilience and Recovery of Internet Infrastructure During Disaster Events
(財團法人台灣網路資訊中心/ TWNIC)
17:20-17:40 閉幕式/ Closing