Day 2 | Aug. 22 (Thu.)

Room 402AB 402CD
0900-1000 BreaktheSilo: Streamlining Gender Safety in the Digital Space Bottom-up Advocacy for a Resilient Internet
1010-1110 Digital Frontlines: Safeguarding Human Rights Defenders in the Cyber Age A Multistakeholder Approach to Safeguarding Information Integrity through Advancing Internet Governance in Asia and the Pacific
1110-1130 Break
1130-1230 Making AI responsible for financial inclusion: Is Asia-Pacific Ready for AI? Balancing Innovation, Ethical Governance, and Marginalized Needs
1230-1340 Lunch【101】+ Talk of Idea【203】
1340-1400 Keynote Speech【401】
1400-1500 Digital Bill of Rights: Distilling Enduring Principles Towards Free and Safe Internet Striving for EcoInternet, towards a resilient Internet
Health Data Governance through AI Booming Age : A Journey in Taiwan
1510-1610 Messaging scam and combatting to protect human rights and democracy Multistakeholderism in the post-GDC era
1610-1630 Afternoon Tea
1630-1800 Town hall【402AB】
1800- APrIGF | LINE 2024 Social Networking Party
0900-1010 Event
1120-1230 Themed Track
1230-1330 Talk of Idea
1340-1400 Keynote Speech
1400-1530 Themed Track
1600-1730 Themed Track