APrIGF Program

Day 1 Aug. 21 Wed.
0930-1120Opening Plenary
Charting the Path for a Regional Fact-Checking Coalition in the Asia-Pacific
Regulatory Resilience in the Age of Internet Fragmentation
1230-1330Lunch + Talk of Idea
1330-1350Keynote Speech
Platform Accountability in South and Southeast Asia
Digital Leap- Enhancing Connectivity in South Asia
Gendered Disinformation – Deepening understanding and exploring countermeasures
Securing Trust: Ethical Governance in Championing Children’s Digital Rights
1610-1630Afternoon Tea
1630-1800Town hall
1800-Reception hosted by TWNIC
Day 2 Aug. 22 Thu.
0900-1000 Panel BreaktheSilo: Streamlining Gender Safety in the Digital Space Workshop Bottom-up Advocacy for a Resilient Internet
1010-1110 Panel Digital Frontlines: Safeguarding Human Rights Defenders in the Cyber Age Panel A Multistakeholder Approach to Safeguarding Information Integrity through Advancing Internet Governance in Asia and the Pacific
1110-1130 Break
1130-1230 Panel Making AI responsible for financial inclusion: Panel Is Asia-Pacific Ready for AI? Balancing Innovation, Ethical Governance, and Marginalized Needs
1230-1340 Lunch + Talk of Idea
1340-1400 Keynote Speech
1400-1500 Workshop Digital Bill of Rights: Distilling Enduring Principles Towards Free and Safe Internet Showcase Striving for EcoInternet, towards a resilient Internet + Fireside chat Health Data Governance through AI Booming Age : A Journey in Taiwan
1510-1610 Panel Messaging scam and combatting to protect human rights and democracy Panel Multistakeholderism in the post-GDC era
1610-1630 Afternoon Tea
1630-1800 Town hall
1800- Reception hosted by LINE
Day 3 Aug. 23 Fri.
0900-1000 Panel Building Holistic Resilience to Address Emerging Ethical and Social Challenges in the Digital and AI Age Workshop Defending against Digital Deception: Strategies for Preventing Online Scams and Identity Theft ?
1010-1110 Panel Infrastructures of repression: Cybersecurity and Human Rights in the Asia Pacific Panel Internet infrastructure resilience during disaster event – Case Study for the 0403 Taiwan Earthquake, and others
1110-1130 Break
1130-1230 Roundtable Freedom Online Coalition Regional Dialogue – Asia-Pacific Workshop Enhancing Internet and Web Standards to address DNS Tampering
1230-1330 Lunch + Talk of Idea
1340-1400 Keynote Speech
1330-1430 Pitch ShhorAI: Combating Hate Speech and Fostering an Inclusive Digital Space + Tutorial Contextualising Fairness: AI Governance in Asia Presentation Fellows Presentation
1440-1540 Open Mic Townhall NetMundial+10, GDC, WSIS+20 – what else is happening in the world of Internet governance Panel Strengthening the Digital Resilience of Taiwan: with Special Reference to Undersea Cables
1540-1610 Afternoon Tea
1620-1750 Closing Plenary